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Privacy Statement

Our Allister Ann Photo Privacy Policy is here to help inform you on the kind of data we may collect from you through the usage of our site and services, and how we may use that information.

Information We May Collect

Account Information

When you create an account on Allister Ann Photo, we collect the information you provide only to contact you in regards to our products and services, or otherwise as described in our Privacy Policy. Should you include any personally identifiable information in your public profile or submit to any of our public-facing pages, your provided information will be publicly accessible.

Information via On-site Usage and Browsing

We may also anonymously collect additional information about you from your use of the site. The information is in addition to what you provided and what we collect may include, but is not limited to, content viewed, IP address, ISP, location, time on site, technology used to browse the site, referral pages, cookie data, and links clicked.

We also collect any information you provide when populating your public-facing user profile or when participating on specific pages of our site. If you input any or all of the following information, the provided data will be included in our database along with being publicly-accessible to other users:

  • Your profile picture
  • Name
  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Personal website
  • Location
  • Comments on Articles, Workshops, and Critiques
  • Reviews on Store Products
  • Images submitted to Critique/Assignments and Awards

If there is any of the aforementioned information you do not to be made visible to other users of the site, please do not upload your information to your profile or any of the specified pages above. Please note that our Critique section has a no follow/no index appended to the page, therefore omitting all photos and comments in the Critique section from being found by search engines. This, however, does not mean that the information uploaded and submitted to Critique are exempt from being found via a typical browsing experience of our site.

How We May Use the Information We Collect

Any information we collect, we may analyze and use to improve on your experience of our site, such as making site improvements based on your interactions with our pages, tailoring content to those pages with the most engagement, and suggesting products based on your interest in specific pages or products. We may also share our collective data with our trusted partners and affiliates.

As with most other companies, we may send you emails regarding updates about our site and services along with other site-related content if you have provided us with your email address via an account sign-up or an email opt-in form. Should you wish to not receive these emails, you may unsubscribe from these emails but clicking the “Unsubscribe” option in each of our emails and your information will be automatically removed from our lists.

Should we ever share your information with third-party applications (ex. Facebook, Kajabi, etc.) or our trusted partners, our main objective for doing so will always be in an effort to drive your attention to content or services that may be of interest to you or enhancing your overall experience with our site and services.

In an instance where law enforcement is involved and a formal request by law enforcement officials or judicial authorities is made, we may disclose your information in order to be in compliance with the law.

User feedback that has been shared with us is on a volunteer basis. All comments, reviews, and suggestions shared with us on our site, associated platforms (ex. Facebook group, Google Surveys), or directly to a member of staff via email, comments on site, or social media interactions will be property of Allister Ann Photo and therefore free for us to use as we see fit.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy updates can be made at any time with changes being effective immediately unless stated otherwise. Any further use of our Allister Ann Photo site and services after updates have been made shows that you have acknowledged and agreed to the modified policy. Please be sure to read through the Privacy Policy

Data Protection

We are committed to the protection of all personal data that we collect. All transactions are protected with SSL 256-bit encryption and we will not share your information with other entities, other than your credit card company when your order is placed. Credit card numbers will not be kept on file for future use. The aforementioned data auditing will also be a part of our process to ensure personally-identifiable information is kept to only the information that is absolutely necessary.